Living By Your Values

During Jaime’s interview with Marney Andes on the Superpower Success Podcast, Marney emphasized that the cornerstone of effective leadership is living by your values. She suggests that whenever leaders feel directionless or stuck, they should return to their core values as a guiding principle. Values serve as a reliable yardstick to measure the appropriateness and effectiveness of your actions. By living according to your values, even on the toughest days, you are on the right path.


A recurring theme in the conversation was the need for open lines of communication within organizations. Marney pointed out that leaders often fail to create spaces where team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas or feedback. She argued for proactive measures, such as calling out your own biases and inviting your team to fill in any gaps. In her words, this isn’t about showing weakness but about being a “truth-teller,” a critical aspect of leadership that promotes self-awareness and team involvement.


Both Marney and Jaime agree on the significance of curiosity in leadership. They argue that the most effective leaders are those who ask questions and create an environment that encourages inquisitiveness. This form of leadership is crucial today and will become increasingly important as younger generations, who are already encouraged to be curious, enter the workforce.


When asked about the challenges leaders are facing, Marney noted that many struggle with alignment within their organizations. While strategic goals might be clear, the execution often falls short because team members operate in silos. The problem, she believes, isn’t necessarily with the end goals but with the journey there; leaders are working in reactive modes, often taking on more than they can handle, which undermines alignment and collaboration.

Marney stressed that effective leadership starts with the individual.

Each leader must first focus on leading themselves before they can effectively guide a team or an organization.

She emphasized the need for top-level executives, especially CEOs, to recognize and support this, laying the groundwork for an environment that thrives on individual and collective growth.

The podcast episode with Marney Andes provided a comprehensive look into what makes leadership effective and how challenges in contemporary settings can be overcome. Living by your values, fostering open communication, encouraging inquisitiveness, and emphasizing self-accountability are not just abstract concepts; they are practical strategies for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills. As Marney eloquently put it, the key to effective leadership lies in the harmony of personal growth and collective responsibility.

So the next time you find yourself at a crossroads or face a hurdle, remember Marney’s wisdom: go back to your values, open the floor for communication, and never underestimate the power of a question.

If you found this summary valuable, make sure to listen to the full episode of the Superpower Success Podcast for even more insights and detailed discussions.

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