Break Through the Rhythm

Have you been living your life in autopilot mode? Our everyday tasks and duties become routine. Eventually, we go on autopilot mode, no longer do our routines require us to think, we simply do them. It can be easy to get lost in the routine and comfortable with no need to break the pattern of our everyday lives. However, doing so can stop us from reaching our maximum potential and we find ourselves feeling stuck.
It’s difficult to break away from something that makes us feel “safe”, especially because it is normal to fear change. So, how do we break from this?

  • What repetitive actions keep blocking you from reaching your end goal?
  • What actions make you feel successful?
  •  Are you constantly thinking of opportunities and success, or are you focusing on failures?
  • Acknowledge that repetition will bring the same results each time.

Things won’t change from one day to another, especially when we have created patterns in our daily lives. The more we hold on to a routine that isn’t bringing us success, we continue to hold ourselves back. Resisting pain and change, is simply us giving up. Push through the pain, the hard lessons, and challenges because it will provide you guidance and valuable lessons.

“Learn to be fulfilled, just in these moments.” Simon Calnan

Enjoy the lessons along the way, the failures and successes, because they build us up to who we are. It’s difficult to break away from our “life plans” and the journey we had envisioned for ourselves. Pushing through the pain points and accepting change, can lead us to places we never imagined. Make yourself comfortable with the uncomfortable and you will find new levels of success.
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