Our services

We help teams think, act, and interact in new ways to create healthy organizations positioned for sustainable growth.

Big ideas paired with practical execution

Each engagement begins with a design and discovery session that uncovers what needs to change across your strategy, leadership, and culture to support business growth. Then, we provide ongoing implementation support that ensures everyone stays accountable to the plan.

What we offer

Keystone Group International considers both the business needs and human needs of your company to drive impactful change across strategy, leadership, and culture.

Strategy Services:

How You Think

Our strategy services focus on empowering you to envision a bigger future that achieves your long-term goals and objectives. Through our proprietary Strategic Growth Framework, our team analyzes internal and external factors to get at the root cause of what’s holding your organization back from setting and executing effective strategies. Our offering includes creating an actionable plan that accounts for your leadership and culture, and drives the accountability necessary for ongoing, competitive, strategic growth.

Strategy Outputs

  • Strategy & Execution Roadmap
  • Enterprise-level Alignment & Goals
  • Continuous Consulting Partnership Plan

Leadership Services: 

How You Act

Through a variety of interactive sessions, workshops, and 1:1 executive coaching, our leadership services develop and coach leaders to be conscious of their impact on both culture and business growth. Then, we follow this up with accountability plans to ensure your leaders have what they need to apply what they learned.

Leadership Outputs

  • Accountability system to enhance leadership growth and performance
  • Clarity on how each leader can more effectively lead themselves, others, and culture
  • Accountability Partnership Plan

Culture Services:

How These Interact

How your team thinks and acts shapes your culture and your organization’s ability to drive sustainable growth. Our culture services uncover both quantitative and qualitative insights about your culture via workshops, peer group roundtables, and in-depth assessments. Using these insights and what we learn about your strategy and leadership, we help you create a healthy culture capable of growth.

Culture Outputs

  • Culture Vision Statement
  • Culture Insights
  • Culture Roadmap & Action Plan
  • Accountability Partnership Plan

Proven model applied to your challenges

Our Keystone Impact Model™ depicts the building blocks needed to run a healthy organization capable of sustainable growth. Paired with our Keystone Impact Assessment, a strengths & gaps assessment, we identify where you are performing well and where you have opportunities to grow across those building blocks. With these insights, we tailor our plan to your needs and prioritize our efforts for maximum impact.

Keystone helps us get to the root of our issues.  Instead of telling our team what to do when discussing difficult issues, Keystone asks the right questions that provoke us to address what’s holding us back. The most difficult issues involve shortcomings in members of the team have. Keystone is very skilled at facilitating us through the process of making the best choice for the team. As a result, we all learn from the experience and cultivate trust.

John Schwanke
Lakeview Industries

Prior to engaging with Keystone, we were all over the place with no clear vision, accountabilities, or goals to get us from where we were to where we wanted to be.   Keystone helped move us forward by setting a vision for the company, creating accountabilities for each role, and setting short term and long-term goals.   We now have a purpose and path to get us to where we want to go and we look forward to having Keystone with us on this journey.

Dione Duel
Hegg Companies
Director of Brand Experience

For over 4 years we have worked with the Keystone team for our yearly Strategic planning sessions to help keep us on track and ensure our team is considering all viewpoints. Keystone helps us create our actionable goals that support our bigger vision for the organization. Our engagements have always been focused, authentic and content heavy, leaving us inspired and motivated with a plan for the upcoming year.

Heather Manley
On-Demand Group

Keystone has consistently challenged us as we grow to always be looking at our weaknesses and preparing our organization & people for the right structure while maintaining our culture.  They have really taught us the importance of scalability

Mike Bauer
Bauer Design Build
Owner and CEO

Keystone’s business coaching model provides a foundation for organizations to build a structured approach to develop their teams. By utilizing the regular sessions with Keystone, we’ve been able to leverage their experience and expertise to address issues, set priorities, and lay out an actionable plan that creates an environment where employees can achieve their best.

Jake VanDewater
SDN Communications
Vice President Engineering, Operations & IT

We used to do our strategic planning annually and would become distracted and lose focus the farther we got away from annual planning.  From our first meeting with Keystone, we made progress toward accomplishing our biggest priorities.  Keystone has helped us navigate complex leadership issues and create an actionable and accessible plan.  We now have clarity on the path forward as areas where we are hitting the ceiling due to growth have been identified and the creation and communication of the shared strategy for the larger organization gets everyone moving in the same direction.  We consider Keystone valued partners and advisors.

Dawn Muhlbauer
Decorah Bank and Trust
CPA, CFO-EVP-Cashier Employee Owner

Keystone has been invaluable partners for us as our organization has grown and faced new challenges over the past few years. The Keystone team, with their deep bench of talent and expertise, brings us a valuable outside perspective that helps us take a breath, understand that we’re not the only one to have faced these issues, and provides us with best practices that span various company sizes and industries. Finally, they have given us a solid framework through which we are able to break down our challenges into actionable initiatives. We consider the Keystone team as one of our more cherished business partners.

Adam D. Cox
First National Bank in Sioux Falls
Chief Wealth Management Officer

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