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Tap into Something New

Barb Patterson partners with entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe to help them understand their purpose and impact and tap into their unlimited human potential. She joins us to talk about tapping into something new to solve issues and shares her own leadership journey and the pivotal points along the way. Connect with Barb to learn more about how she can support you or your team.

Connect with Barb:

Instagram: @barb_p


Facebook: Barb Patterson

Twitter: @Barb_Patterson

The Journey is never a Straight Line

Since joining Reell in 2004, Shari Erdman has worked across many areas of manufacturing including sourcing, customer account management, accounting support, manufacturing process improvements, HR management, quality and overall office administration of Reell’s Spring Technologies division. Her unique story of HR leader to president, is one filled with curiosity, drive. Listen how Shari maintains and instills the company’s values in everything she does.



Culture is the Leaders Choice

John Schwanke is the President of Lakeview Industries.  To say that Lakeview has been transformed over the last few years is an understatement.  John talks about his own leadership growth and how his evolution has helped the entire Lakeview organization evolve, grow and transform into a business that is stronger than ever.

Connect with John Schwanke here

Leading with Grace

As leader’s we all have a story that has driven who we are and how we show up every day.  Jackie Rieck, marketing leader for King Technologies joins us to talk

Jackie is an innovative, entrepreneurial, and consumer centric head of marketing with extensive experience developing and executing successful business strategies, teams and functions that facilitate aggressive company growth and positive corporate culture. Adept at building and analyzing strategies, capitalizing on market trends, and building competitive advantage. Authentic and inspirational leadership style that generates trust, loyalty, respect, and results.

Connect with Jackie here

Elevating your business from GOOD to GREAT

Chelsey Paulson, Chief Strategy Officer at Keystone Group, talks with Steve Preda, Pinnacle Business Guide & Bestselling Author, about elevating your business from GOOD to GREAT.

About Steve:

STEVE PREDA is a Leadership Team Coach whose passion is to help privately owned businesses grow and thrive. He pursues it by simplifying and teaching management and strategy concepts used by large companies, and elite consulting firms. Since 2012, he has helped over 100 businesses grow their teams, revenues, and profits as a business coach, EOS Implementer, and as a Pinnacle Business Guide. Steve explores business-growth shortcuts on the Management Blueprint podcast, and delivers workshops and keynotes to business leaders around the US. He loves helping growth-minded entrepreneurs and their leadership teams reach their business-pinnacles.

Buy your copy of the book, Pinnacle: Five Principles that Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain, HERE

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SuperPower Success
SuperPower Success
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