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Learning to Surrender

David is the founder and CEO of multiple businesses. Most prominent among them is his longest-running company, ISU Corp. ISU is a custom software solutions company with clients ranging from start-ups to multi-million-dollar conglomerates like General Electric and Heinz. Located in Canada’s Silicon Valley, ISU Corp increases entrepreneurs’ net profits with exceptional custom software solutions. We have been granted awards like the “Best Innovative High-Tech Enterprise Software Company of the Year” from Global 100, and ACQ5’s “Game Changer of the Year” to attest to our excellence. Most recently, ISU Corp has been chosen as a recipient of the Canadian Business Excellence Award for the fifth year in a row as a recognition of our outstanding company culture and effective process (2018-2022). David Mansilla is passionate about inspiring others. A priority in his life is sharing his experiences in hopes of encouraging a new generation of entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. David is the host of The Break Free Podcast, where he invites a diverse set of guests to bring audiences valuable knowledge on living life on their own terms, whether it’s professionally or personally. David is also a #1 international bestselling author for his book, Breaking Out of Corporate Jail.

You Will Never Outperform Your Identity

Michael W Kithcart is a high-performance leadership and business coach, speaker, and creator of the Wynning Your Way method.

She helps business leaders and sales teams redefine success, re-engineer thinking and re-align actions so they can elevate their wellbeing AND deliver next level results.

Her 25-year career of leading, coaching and developing people and businesses is incorporated into her team workshops and executive coaching sessions to expand perspective as well as deliver proven, researched options for better results.

Her own experience battling achievement overload while juggling personal and external expectations influences how she helps leaders move from stuck to unstoppable so they are wynning their way in business and life.

Michael Kithcart

High Performance Leadership Coach


Champions of RISK podcast

Redefining Success

Jen Tregarthen is a military veteran, purple heart recipient, huge supporter of veterans and one of the most vulnerable leaders I know.  She brings a sense of logic and vulnerability to her leadership approach and through her work is able to help bring those same skillsets to her clients.

You can connect with Jen here to learn more about her and her work at Lockton Companies:

Here’s the video that Jen mentioned in the podcast:

 It’s All About the Relationships

Aaron Eggert

Founder + CVO : Coalition9

This Minnesota professional has a history of turning small business into big business and connecting the brains of the Twin Cities community. With roles in several businesses as both an advisor and investor,  co-founding a non-profit called Minneapolis HOPE, and proof of his incredible ability to grow an organization – it isn’t hard to believe that he has a knack for initiating and maintaining great relationships and great business. Aaron made his first major break-through at an office products distributor when he broke the first three years sales record that had been in place longer than he had been alive. Then, at age 29 he became Vice President of Sales leading the company into more profit and took a mediocre office furnishings division from bland to booming in 2 short years. That’s when he was noticed and recruited to join iSpace Environments as a Partner, which at the time was a medium sized office furnishings business. In 5 years, Aaron and his team led the company to 270% growth through brand awareness, strategic planning, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. He believes that his success is about being genuine in his desire to understand his client’s business with the passion to connect and to be a resource to others.

The beginning of this journey began in the summer of 2017. Aaron had just turned forty years old and found himself in a bit of a predicament. As a partner in a successful office furnishings and technology firm that had grown exponentially over the past few years, he should have been on top of the world. However, it was quite the contrary. It’s not like he was going through a mid-life crisis or anything, he was just missing something. So, Aaron took some time off to reflect and get to the root of what was causing this void. During his reflection it became abundantly clear how fortunate he was. He has lived a life filled with success and fantastic experiences, his wife is a complete rock star independent business owner, and they own a hobby farm with seven chickens. What’s not to love about that? Then it hit him. Aaron found himself asking “What am I doing to create purpose and solidify my legacy?”

After a couple years of consulting as a Revenue Strategist, the idea of Coalition9 was born. The C9 community was created around one simple premise. Bring good people together, regardless of their progress in the leadership journey, with a focus on Character First. We strive to create a community where a diversity of experiences in business and life is celebrated with a vision of Changing Business Nine Leaders at a Time.

Doing business with other Members should make life just a bit easier. Surrounding yourself with top leaders will push you to be your best. Focusing on the things that really matter – your impact on the business community and those you lead – will change you for the better. Lastly, we believe it’s highly important to make this financially accessible, yet exclusive, based on Character. We’re working hard to bring good people together to ignite a leadership revolution.

Aaron’s role as Chief Vision Officer is to ensure that we are driving the experience and community forward for the maximum positive impact on the lives of our Members. The role of the Members and facilitators is to guide this community and be a constant voice for growth, evolution, and relationship building. All Members will have access to and play a part in the well-being of the community, and their voices will be heard on how to continue providing an unmatched experience. Without the Members and their voices, we have nothing.

As someone who thrives on connection, Aaron takes great pride in building a relationship with every single Member. Together, we are building something really special here.

Are You Future-Fit For Success?

As a child born in a third-world country and living in four continents by the age of ten, Haydee learned not only to survive but thrive in disruption. Today, we need this ability more than ever as our world becomes more volatile and uncertain.

For twenty-two years Haydee’s high-energy, power content and practical solutions has impacted thousands of leaders and professionals globally from Government offices to Fortune 500 boardrooms. Together with her team she has also coached celebrities (even a Miss World and Miss Universe).

From being the youngest director of multinational L’Oréal to owning retail and manufacturing companies – her work and life lessons embody courage and triumph over adversity. Haydee’s book “Packaged For Success” ranked number one international Amazon bestseller in eleven categories. She is a CSP (certified speaking professional) a designation held by only 12% of professional speakers worldwide.
Not bad for a Bolivian girl who dreamed to speak English one day.

Haydee sees her biggest achievement as giving birth to twins at age 47, listens to everything ’80s, and loves her life in the Temecula wine region of SoCal.

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Haydee Website: http://www.haydeeantezana.comHaydee


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