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Harness the Power of Your Organizational Culture: Introducing Three Free Tools from The Culture Climb

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At the heart of every successful organization is a thriving culture built and nurtured to support its growth. Today, we want to discuss the three powerful tools we’re offering free with every purchase of Jaime Taets’ book, “The Culture Climb.” These tools – the Culture Map, Culture Scorecard, and Culture Compass – are designed to help your organization foster a culture that fuels your growth and progress.

The Culture Map

The Culture Map is your blueprint to achieving the culture you desire. It assists in setting your culture vision, identifying areas of strength and improvement, and charting the path to achieve that vision. But setting the vision is only half the battle – how do you know you’ve achieved your goals? The Culture Map forces you to define what success looks like, helping you measure and celebrate your progress.

The map also advocates for bite-sized goals. Set a lofty, long-term goal and break it down into manageable 90-day actions. This way, your team doesn’t lose sight of your culture vision amidst other business tasks. Regular progress checks ensure your culture vision doesn’t become another item gathering dust on a shelf.

The Culture Scorecard

If the Culture Map is your roadmap, the Culture Scorecard is your GPS, guiding your journey and showing you how far you’ve come. Despite the common belief that culture can’t be measured, we believe it’s necessary. The scorecard allows you to track your progress and assess the return on your culture investments.

You can tie scorecard metrics to different aspects of your business – operational, financial, HR, and even customer satisfaction metrics. Each of these metrics tells a part of your culture story, showing if you’re moving in the right direction. These measurements are customized to your organization; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

The Culture Compass

Your culture vision is your North Star, guiding your journey. The Culture Compass is the tool that helps you chart your journey toward that star. Creating a culture vision statement enables you to incorporate the best of your organization while identifying areas you want to improve.

It’s important to understand that the Culture Compass, like your organization’s overarching vision, is a work in progress. You’re always working towards it. These conversations about your organization’s soul are vital for aligning your team and fostering a culture that supports your goals.

Each tool offers a unique way to cultivate and navigate your company’s culture. So why not start today? Open up these discussions, use these tools, and define your company’s culture vision. Remember, if you need help, we’re always here to assist you. Reach out to us or refer to “The Culture Climb” for more in-depth guidance. Let’s start this journey to a stronger organizational culture today.

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