Theory 10-80-10

Theory of 10-80-10  Take a moment and think about how you react to crisis and unexpected changes that come to your professional and personal life. What energy do you bring to these situations? We all like to think that in time of crisis or big changes we know how to react and what to do. The Theory of 10-80-10, however, explains that in fact most people freeze in time of crisis. The Theory of 10-80-10 is as follows: 10% of people in times of crisis become negative and are counterproductive in those situations. 80% of people do nothing, they freeze, [...]

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Who Are You Inspiring?

Do you know who you inspire?  Do you realize how many people are watching what you are doing and being inspired each day by your words and actions?  For many of us, it’s not something we think about daily, but we are having an impact. There are people who watch what we are doing and learn from our approach. I had a strong realization about this as I was on my Peloton one morning.  I was having a stressful week and I really didn’t want to get up and work out; I was in a funk.  But I did, and [...]

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Stuck Is a Great Place to Be

From time to time we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t know what direction to take, whether it's in our personal or professional life. The goal is not to avoid feeling stuck though, instead realize that you are stuck and use that to move forward. When you recognize this, you won’t allow it to become your reality and instead, you can use that feeling to become motivated. When you're stuck, you have a catalyst for change. Being stuck is a great place to be, because it motivates us to learn, grow, and evolve. You need the right people, [...]

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Lessons from a Middle School Choir Concert 

We frequently find ourselves with busy schedules full of meetings, sports events, appointments and other day-to-day activities that we forget to take a moment to observe what is going on around us. Slow down and take a step back to look around you and reflect on what is happening. In our attempt to check every box in our schedule, we miss those small lessons and opportunities to reflect. While it's important to acknowledge that there is always room to learn and grow, we should acknowledge and appreciate the small milestones we have gone through to reach our end goal. It is important [...]

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The Top 3 Myths about Building a Strong Culture

The Top 3 Myths about Building a Strong Culture Business is about the people; we’ve all heard that before.  But as leaders, many of us don’t put enough focus on why this is truly important in our business.  People drive everything good and everything bad that happens in our environments.  They can be our best asset and competitive advantage and they can be our greatest liability.    The truth about people is that we all bring different experiences, ideas, perceptions into an organization.  We don’t do it on purpose, but it is not something we can ask people to turn off.  But underlying all these experiences, ideas and perceptions are an [...]

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Sales Is An Inside Game

SALES – that word makes most people cringe.  Unless you are truly wired like a salesperson, it is not a term that most people find complimentary.  But what most of us don’t realize is that we are ALL in Sales, ALL the time.  We sell to our kids, spouses, employees, and customers.  We sell our ideas, opinions, beliefs and products/services.  We just don’t call it sales, we give it another name that sounds more flattering. I want everyone to embrace their inner sales skills and realize that each of us needs to master this to truly be successful.  Sales is about [...]

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The Generosity Effect

How do you define generosity?  For many of us, our minds go to money and giving money to worthwhile causes, organizations, or people.  And while this is generous, we should also be looking at generosity in terms of our time, talents, and gifts.  In our podcast a few weeks back, we talked about Being Generous and what impact that can have on our confidence, our mental state and ultimately our businesses, careers, and families. You can find this podcast and others on our site, click on the title for direct access.  SuperPower Success Podcast The idea behind generosity is using your time [...]

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Are you a Team Player?

“Be a team player”.  We hear this statement throughout our lives.  While you’re in school, while you are playing sports, in our first careers – we hear about the need to be a team player and stay positive.   We go through our lives and careers being told how to be a team player.  But what we don’t learn early enough is there is a fine line between being a team player and being able to set boundaries for your life and career that allow for balance.  Many of us are the first people to volunteer for things in the [...]

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Sprinting to the Finish in 2018

How much of your focus is on finishing strong in 2018?  What impact does that have on your mindset and energy you take into 2019? Focus Leads to Success – so what we do through the end of the year will accelerate our sales and drive us to a record 2019!! Many business owners start talking about their focus and goals in 2019, which usually means they aren’t focused on the rest of this year.  What if the focus and accountability for 2018 would help drive profits and business into their 2019 year? This strategy can be a huge missed [...]

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Power of Empathy

Empathy & Perspective What’s one thing you can do to significantly impact your chance of success?  Practice more Empathy. Empathy is no longer looked at as just a soft skill, but something that is increasingly necessary for leaders and managers to increase their effectiveness and drive high performance from their teams. For many people, they believe that Empathy is like Sympathy, but there is a very distinct difference.  Empathy is the ability to sit in someone else’s seat and look at the world from their perspective.  It’s very different than sympathy which is feeling for them, sharing in [...]

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