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Self-Care During Difficult Times

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Self-Care During Difficult Times

Many of us have been thrown into this new “norm” of working from. For a lot of us, this a completely new situation and we are not sure what to do. It can be challenging as you spend all day at home without a real break. Your work life and personal life are now merged, and it can make you feel lost. This situation can be a mental struggle- when am I supposed to be my kids’ teacher, call clients back and bring productive for work, along with that loads of laundry that needs to be done. Keeping yourself calm in these times of uncertainty and stress is important- below are things for you to remember during these times.
  1. Breathe
Give yourself 5-10 minutes throughout the day to simply breathe. Pick a quiet spot or let the people around you know that place is for you to give yourself a moment of calmness.
  1. Schedule your day
Use a planner or calendar and set a schedule for yourself. It’s okay for you to schedule tasks that you wouldn’t normally complete during your workday. Doing so, allows for you to find balance.
  1. Be open minded
Use this time as an opportunity to challenge yourself. It can be hard to see positivity in times of hardship but think about what you’ve accomplished thus far. Take time to do an inventory of what you’ve accomplished in the last couple of months. Remind yourself that small steps are helping your success.
  1. Challenge yourself
Take a moment to challenge yourself during these times. Although, things can be difficult now, how can you challenge yourself? What process can you change to make this better? What things can you learn now that you’ve not had the time to do so before?
  1. Inspire yourself
During difficult times, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Listen to podcast, read a book, or watch a video that inspires you. Listening to the journeys of others can give you clues on how to move forward with your own struggles. Remember that it’s okay to feel stressed or uncomfortable during these times but remember to use it as your catalyst. Check out our SuperPower Success podcast here.
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