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The Culture Climb: How to Build a Work Culture That Maximizes Your Impact

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Maximize Your Impact with a People-First Approach

New book teaches leaders how addressing culture can launcher their business forward

AUSTIN, Texas [June 20, 2023] – The solution to human-centered issues is culture, and culture is all about people. Whether the goal is to get a business unstuck, take it to the next level, or generally create a more impactful environment, culture must be addressed. In her new Amazon Best-Seller The Culture Climb: How to Build a Work Culture that Maximizes Your Impact (Fast Company Press, June 20, 2023), author and Chief Vision Officer Jaime Taets help leaders understand and examine their work culture in a simple yet comprehensive way, discover how to use culture to grow a healthy and sustainable business, and push past all the theories about culture to help leaders actually do something about it.

“I hope that when you finish this book, you feel better than when you started because you have a little more clarity around the topic of culture, and you know your first next step,” said Taets. “It might challenge you or make you realize you have to stretch yourself, but I know on the other side is a path to being a better leader, leading a better organization, and creating more impact.”

For over a decade, Taets has been the go-to consultant for executive teams hoping to untangle their issues and improve their businesses—profits, strategies, and services—along the way. Readers will also learn about The Impact Model, which Jaime invented to depict all the working pieces that go into developing a strong culture. This model defines the checkpoints leaders need to reach as they climb the Culture Mountain, so they can get their businesses unstuck and improve their cultures step by step.

“If numbers are the science of a business, culture is the soul. The Culture Climb provides a road map for building an authentic, engaging, and values-driven culture to benefit a growing business. Understanding how culture influences a business is as critical to a modern-day leader as capabilities like financial acumen and hiring protocols.” 

Kristi Piehl, CEO and founder, Media Minefield 

“This book offers indispensable guidance to stay ahead of the competition and drive higher efficiency, profitability, and success through positive workplace culture initiatives that pay off tangibly. If your company or organization is struggling or just curious about improving workplace culture—The Culture Climb should be essential reading.”

—Kurt Schmidt, president, The Foundry

The Culture Climb is a valuable tool that will help leaders enjoy the challenge of growing their organization. The Impact Model building blocks for creating a successful culture will be particularly instructive for leadership teams. You don’t have to wonder anymore what a good culture looks like. The Culture Climb shows you!”

—Jim Roddy, president and CEO, Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA)

The Culture Climb is an authoritative, accessible guide for leaders in every field of business. Take an entertaining and informative dive into high-impact cultural shifts with Taets as your expert guide.

Pick up your copy of The Culture Climb to start making real, high-impact change in your business today, with Taets as your expert guide in each step of the journey. Visit to keep up-to-date with her latest news, and to learn more about her new bestselling book.

About the Author

Jaime Taets is the chief vision officer of Keystone Group International, an organization she created to focus on leadership development, organizational strategy, and healthy growth. Before starting Keystone Group International, Jaime spent thirteen years in a large corporate environment in a variety of leadership roles, living and traveling globally. She is also a public speaker, author, podcast host, and thought leader. When Jaime is not writing books or helping leaders and organizations grow, she tries to spend time outdoors running, hiking and being in nature. She lives in the Minneapolis area with her husband and their four children. Keep up with Jaime by visiting


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