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Meet Jaime Taets – CanvasRebel Interview

keystone group international event

Meet Jaime Taets

We were lucky to catch up with Jaime Taets recently and have shared our conversation below.

Jaime, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. So let’s jump to your mission – what’s the backstory behind how you developed the mission that drives your brand?

Keystone’s mission has been core to how we have built the business over the past 10 years. We are driven to create organizational impact at the human level. Why it’s meaningful us is that as a strategy firm, we help our clients see beyond the need for strategy and help them understand more holistic view of growth that incorporates the strength of their leadership capabilities and helping them assess where they need to evolve as leaders to drive a human centered approach that creates belonging. We also help them see where their culture could be improved to support the growth and transformation they aspire to create.

So, through our mission driven work, we believe we are helping businesses balance the business needs and the human needs in a way that creates healthy and sustainable growth.