The Keystone Team


Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 10 years of experience as co-founder and president of Bauhaus Brew Labs, a popular craft brewery and taproom located in Northeast Minneapolis. Throughout his time at Bauhaus, Matt has effectively managed teams of over 20 employees across three distinct business units, while also spearheading the successful development and launch of multiple product lines from initial concept to market release.

Matt’s leadership philosophy centers around cultivating a dynamic and creative work environment that empowers teams to achieve their full potential. His passion for leadership development has resulted in a thriving workplace culture that emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and individual growth.

Matt is also a certified StoryBrand Guide who specializes in helping businesses craft compelling marketing messaging that resonates with their target audience. By leveraging the power of storytelling, Matt enables clients to develop a clear and concise brand narrative that effectively communicates their unique value proposition and resonates with potential clients. With a deep understanding of how to create messaging that cuts through the noise, Matt is able to help businesses drive engagement and achieve their marketing goals with confidence.

In addition to his work in the brewing industry and consulting space, Matt is also an attorney who previously served as an assistant attorney general for the state of Minnesota. In this role, he represented the state’s largest executive branch agency, providing valuable legal guidance and representation. Subsequently, Matt transitioned into private practice with a firm specializing in employment law and representing clients in a wide range of business-related matters.