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The Keystone Team


Andy Risvold is a successful business owner with a passion for helping other companies create memorable experiences for their employees and customers. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Andy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. He is a creative and strategic thinker, always seeking out innovative ways to enhance the customer experience.

In his current role, Andy leads an ambitious team who are dedicated to providing one of the best hospitality experiences in the state and they strive every day to create truly memorable experiences for everybody who walks through their doors. Whether it’s through strategic planning sessions, team building activities, corporate events, or customized training programs, Andy works tirelessly to help his clients succeed. 

Outside of work, Andy is an avid outdoors enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his family. He is also deeply committed to giving back to his community and is actively involved in various charitable organizations.


What is the strength of Keystone?

The biggest strength that Keystone has is that they authentically and truly care about each client to their core.  Keystone has a “We” mentality with their clients as they are in the pursuit of success WITH their clients.  This distinction sets them apart.  Clients feel comfortable, they trust the team and process, and because of this, the client is able to get to the core of any issue, put a plan in place to grow, and achieve results that previously were unimaginable.  

What is your favorite pastime?

Being outside with friends and family.  We love going hiking, boating, golfing, or going out to a farm to see the animals with my daughter, etc.  Seeing my daughter explore and absorb the natural world has been far more fun for me than I ever expected.

What is your most used app?

There are so many great apps.  I love Spotify and Audible, limitless resources of great podcasts and books that are just a click away.  I also love using Evernote.  It’s a great tool to track client and project progress, keep track of communication within a team, as well as an outlet and placeholder for creativity to flow from a team.