The Keystone Team


As a Professional Life Coach, Ana assists business leaders in overcoming obstacles to achieve professional/ personal goals resulting in successful and fulfilled lives. Leaders are constantly faced with workplace challenges which can negatively impact their career, health, and wellbeing.   Ana partners with individuals to strengthen relationships, deal with conflict, and tackle change head on without fear.   She helps individuals out of their “funk” to get back to a place of professional strength, satisfaction, and happiness – enhancing career trajectory, relationships, and overall life satisfaction.

Prior to professional life coaching, Ana spent 25+ years in the corporate world starting in engineering and moving into more business focused roles.  Having been in various senior leadership positions, she understands the challenges associated with being a new leader, working within a difficult team environment and all the traditional organizational hurdles which plague many people.   She is passionate about helping people overcome those obstacles to realize their goals and achieve a successful and balanced life.   

The value of coaching goes beyond the personal value of the individual being coached. Through coaching, Ana believes that strong, content leaders can create a positive business environment and culture that fosters profitable business results for all organizations.