From time to time we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t know what direction to take, whether it’s in our personal or professional life. The goal is not to avoid feeling stuck though, instead realize that you are stuck and use that to move forward. When you recognize this, you won’t allow it to become your reality and instead, you can use that feeling to become motivated. When you’re stuck, you have a catalyst for change. Being stuck is a great place to be, because it motivates us to learn, grow, and evolve. You need the right people, process, and approach to help you get out of that “stuck” feeling. Taking the steps necessary will help loosen that feeling and always remember that it’s about progression, not perfection. Here are three tips on how to get yourself moving forward.

3 Tips When You’re Feeling Stuck

  1. Tell someone.

Take a moment to talk with someone and tell them what it is that’s making you feel stuck. Having a discussion with someone about it can help shift your perspective to help determine the right steps forward.  Sometimes, all it takes is for the right question to be asked for the light bulb to go off.

    2. Find the Right Resources.

Research the topic that you’re stuck on and dive deeper into resources and stories that may be like yours.  Learning more about the stories of people who have had the same struggles can help motivate you to move forward. Taking the time to do so can help guide you on your next steps forward.

    3. Create a Plan.

Make a mental plan, write down clear action steps think of the small incremental changes you can make to get yourself unstuck. Start to think of the things you will do to stimulate your mind and what things will drive you to move forward.

Take these steps and remind yourself that being stuck isn’t a bad thing. Use that “stuck” feeling as momentum to change and evolve.

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