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14 Podcasts on Promoting Positive Work Culture

From Red Bull’s Creative Dose to The GaryVee Audio Experience, here are 14 recommendations for podcasts on promoting positive work culture

  • Creative Dose
  • The Culture Show
  • Happier at Work Podcast
  • McKinsey Podcast
  • The Culture Matters Podcast on International Business & Management
  • WorkLife with Adam Grant
  • Unthinkable Podcast
  • The Diary of a CEO
  • Lead Culture with Jenni Catron
  • Monocle: the Entrepreneurs
  • Culture First
  • The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill
  • Well Workplaces Podcast
  • The GaryVee Audio Experience

Creative Dose

Creative Dose by Red Bull dives into the stories of visionary mavericks and game-changing organizations whose fearless approach to creativity has pushed them beyond industry boundaries. 

Hosts Nathalie Farman-Farma and Todd Simmons focus on exploring the steps that industry leaders have made to build strong, engaging cultures, from Silicon Valley giants like Apple to more unexpected influencers like Netflix.

It’s a great way to hear how successful companies have developed their unique corporate identities and gained customer loyalty through their social media presence, customer service strategies, team dynamics, mentoring programs, leadership development, and much more!

Michael Alexis, CEO,

The Culture Show

The Culture Show from Harvard Business Review is a podcast that has provided me with valuable insights about company culture. Host Curt Nickisch interviews business leaders in each episode about their experiences building and maintaining a strong culture within their organizations. 

Through the show, I’ve come to understand the importance of company culture as a differentiator for organizations, and how it can impact employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. As someone interested in a career in Human Resources, The Culture Show has been a valuable resource in understanding the role of culture in the workplace. 

I highly recommend the podcast for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of company culture and how it affects organizational success.

Brandon Brown, CEO, GRIN

Happier at Work Podcast

This light yet informative podcast hosted by Aoife O’Brien is surely in most leaders’ top 10. This is because it’s an easy listen to that covers many key topics, mostly centered on happiness and how it’s closely linked with company culture. 

It features relevant guests and gives the listener a clear idea of how maintaining a happy work environment can help you attract and retain top talent, increase productivity, and enhance engagement. Truly worth a listen!

Harry Morton, Founder, Lower Street

McKinsey Podcast

For learning about company culture, one podcast recommendation is the McKinsey Podcast, which features discussions and interviews with business experts and leaders on a wide range of topics related to organizational culture, leadership, and innovation. 

The podcast covers topics such as building a learning culture, fostering innovation, developing a strong sense of purpose, and creating effective teams. It can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain insights into the inner workings of successful organizations and how they approach these important issues.

Brenton Thomas, CEO, Twibi 

The Culture Matters Podcast on International Business & Management

The Culture Matters Podcast on International Business & Management is a bit of a mouthful, but I recommend getting an earful from this wondrous podcast.

First, it was telegrams, then planes, then faxes/phones, and now the Internet. Global companies have taken advantage of technology to expand their reach to far-flung parts of the world.

But with opportunity comes risk. A culture can be mismanaged from one corner of the office to the other, never mind a transatlantic flight away.

I uncover new scenarios and insightful stories from inspiring guests every episode on this podcast. From founders’ first forays into international management to advice on cultural competency, each guest gives different perspectives, helping me to listen and learn.

I work with some fantastic people, as weird as they are wonderful. Diversity and development helps the world go round that little bit brighter.

Brett Downes, Founder, Haro Helpers

WorkLife with Adam Grant 

Writing about side hustles to do at home last year, we included starting a podcast as one of our tips. After reading this round-up by our team, it inspired me to dive in and see how I could benefit from it as a consumer. 

I burned through a couple of frogs before I found my prince: the WorkLife with Adam Grant podcast. 

This podcast offers insight into how successful companies cultivate and maintain their company cultures, as well as advice on how to create a positive work environment. Not just your run-of-the-mill idea: common sense with a sprinkling of ingenuity. 

Host Adam Grant interviews experts in the field to provide tangible advice for creating a better workplace, and I found the most benefit from podcasts where the business leaders and professionals worked in a similar space/niche as me.

Warning, be prepared to acknowledge the mistakes you have made episode by episode. 

I mean, if this podcast is recommended by Arianna Huffington, it’s good enough for me.

Dustin Ray, Co-CEO and Chief Growth Officer, IncFile

Unthinkable Podcast

The Unthinkable Podcast, hosted by Jay Acunzo, speaks to creative professionals who have taken risks to define their own unique paths in their respective industries. Through thought-provoking conversations with go-getters across various fields, from marketing and design to audio engineering and tech entrepreneurship, this podcast illuminates how innovative individuals create practices that become exemplars for others. 

The stories of extraordinary people operating outside the box can provide new perspectives and resources for those striving for organizational change within their own companies.

Grace He, People and Culture Director,

The Diary of a CEO

This podcast by Steve Bartlett has been an eye-opener for me regarding what it means to be an exceptional leader and lead high-performing teams while creating a culture of success. The guests that Steve interviews share their unique experiences managing different teams and evolving them to ensure that they deliver at their maximum potential. 

I’ve learned valuable tips, such as the need for empathy even in a rigid corporate structure to ensure that the company culture supports employees and motivates them to perform excellently.

Liam Liu, Co-founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

Lead Culture with Jenni Catron

Jenni interviews prominent female business leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss their experiences in leadership and the challenges of navigating company cultures. This podcast is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about gender dynamics in the workplace and how to create a positive and inclusive culture. 

It’s not just helpful for female leaders, but for anyone who is interested in learning about the dynamics of successful company cultures. Guests share the lessons they have learned from their experiences in the corporate world and discuss how to create an inclusive and equitable environment for employees. Through these conversations, listeners can learn about effective strategies for managing a diverse team and creating a culture of trust and respect. 

Providing insights on how to foster collaboration and innovation within a company, as well as how to ensure everyone has a seat at the table.

Kathy Bennett, CEO and Founder, Bennett Packaging

Monocle: the Entrepreneurs

Regarding an insightful podcast on company culture and development, the answer is definitive: Monocle: The Entrepreneur.

The series comprises two types of episodes: long conversations with founders discussing how they built their businesses and shorter episodes called “Eureka,” which explore how the founders came up with the concepts and visions behind their businesses. A truly enriching podcast driven by real-life work situations and lessons, Monocle offers perspectives and experiences excluded from business books and guidelines.

Marco Genaro Palma, Co-founder, TechNews180

Culture First

One podcast that has helped me learn about company culture is Culture First by Culture Amp. The podcast features interviews with leaders from various companies who share their experiences and insights on building and maintaining a positive company culture. 

One episode that particularly stood out to me was “The Power of Vulnerability in Building Strong Teams” with Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor. In this episode, Scott discusses the importance of creating a safe and open environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. 

This not only fosters trust and collaboration but also leads to better decision-making and problem-solving. Overall, Culture First is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their company culture and create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Nick Cotter, Founder, newfoundr

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill 

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill is a great podcast that is fundamentally about the effects of toxic leadership on an organization’s culture. 

The Mars Hill Church wasn’t just a church; it was also an international brand and business. They somehow combined some of the worst elements of corporate culture with the most problematic aspects of church leadership structures. The podcast is a great reminder about the importance of good governance and having a board that has real power to positively influence an organization.

Temmo Kinoshita, Co-founder, Lindenwood Marketing

Well Workplaces Podcast 

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to a few episodes of Well Workplaces Podcast, a podcast designed to create genuine conversations about the workplace. From what I’ve heard, and from hearing about others who love this podcast, I can tell that it’s one of the best podcasts on company culture.

There are 90 episodes detailing a variety of topics, all with the same goal of sharing valuable insight on creating the best, healthiest workspace possible.

Well Workplaces Podcast is hosted by Tom Bosna, who chats with leaders in the business and health industry who have valuable insight to share that can be helpful in creating the best workplace possible. A recent episode with Bart de Vries was recommended to me by someone else, and I really enjoyed the insight shared between these two passionate leaders.

Joe Davies, Co-founder, FATJOE

The GaryVee Audio Experience

While it isn’t only about company culture, Gary Vee’s content usually relates to company culture in one way or another. His episodes discuss things like proper leadership, empathy in the workplace, positivity through difficult times, and similar topics that all relate to company culture. 

For a business owner, HR leader, manager, or even just an employee looking to contribute to an organization’s company culture, I recommend the GaryVee Audio Experience. The insight you’ll gain along the way will be so beneficial in how you approach and understand company culture.

Patrick Caramalac, Founder and CEO, Best Fit Movers

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