EOS Testimonials

We were overcomplicating our business and working on too many initiatives; it was time for a change.  I credit Jaime and EOS for helping our leadership team prioritize and achieve more relevant goals.  Jaime is a master listener and talented facilitator that navigates open and honest communication that leadership teams need to make real change

Jaime has been integral to our success in 2018.  We completed the Focus Day and Vision Building prior to the start of the year and it helped set direction and provide clarity to the whole Company like we have never had before.  Jaime is not afraid to challenge the group and ask the hard questions which I believe in the end gets the best result.  I would recommend Jaime to any business owner that is looking to be held accountable and bring discipline to their executive team and thus their Company as a whole.

Jared H., VP of Finance, Versique in Minneapolis

Jaime has a gift for reading the room, reading people, and “leaning in” where things feel off.  She is able to be direct and ask the right questions in a way that is productive, clarifies issues, and further pushes to the roots of issues, but in a way that is positive and non-threatening.  She has elevated our conversations.  Jamie helps us move our agendas along and easily adapts the process to meet us where we are at.  Jaime is an excellent facilitator!”

Jaime has been a huge part of transitioning our Company into who we are today.  Our productivity and future vision is all lined up and it is because of Jaime.  She truly knows how to take you out of your business and look at it as an outsider.  Highly recommend Jaime and EOS to anyone.

Meghan L., Director of Operations, Kris Lindahl Real Estate

Coaching Testimonials

From the first conversation I had with Jaime, I knew I wanted to work with her and the team at Keystone. During my coaching sessions, Jaime helped me determine my own personal values and strengths and set goals based on those values. After our meetings, I had a clearer vision of my future and what steps I needed to take to get there. Jaime and the team at Keystone have helped me every step of the way, fostering a confidence in myself and my career choice, connecting me with their network, and being a team I can count on both personally and professionally. Thank you so much for taking me to the next level!

Erin K., Real Estate Agent, Steve Albers Real Estate Advisors

Erica and the Keystone team have been instrumental in helping me get really clear on the direction I want to go with an upcoming women’s conference.  They have encouraged me, challenged me and empowered me to pursue the vision and passion within my heart.  I am forever grateful!

Kris L., Owner & Founder, High Performance Consulting

As an entrepreneur, I initially didn’t understand the need for a business coach. But as the old adage goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Jaime Taets helped me identify the challenges in my business that were preventing me from increasing my revenue.  She effectively identified my strengths and helped me establish my company focus.  With her guidance, I was able to eliminate the need to “chase shiny objects” and focus my energy on opportunities that compliment my company’s mission and core values. Jaime ensured that I was accountable for the goals I set in place, transforming my thought processes, and encouraged me to focus my time and energy on high value areas.

The qualities I appreciate about Jaime are that she is objective, clear, and concise.  After every conversation feeling empowered and energized, knowing that Jaime believes in me and that I have the tools to grow a successful business.

Taren W., Owner & Founder, Powered On Will