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The Keystone Team

Client Success and Business Manager

As the Client Success and Business Manager (aka Chief Fun Officer), Stephanie is the glue that holds the team together and makes sure we run efficiently. She is the positive voice when customers have questions and always makes sure our team and our customers have the best experience possible.

Prior to joining Keystone, Steph had a career in the Healthcare and Education Industries where she served as an advocate for her customers developed strong connections, and was a part of positive change in the work environments that she led in.

Steph’s work ethic and her willingness to tackle any project and learn. She lives out Keystone’s core values every day and is also a motivator for our clients to always be looking for ways to change and get better.

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?

I am constantly amazed by Jaime and Chelsey and their ability to jump into any situation and have a solution. The immense knowledge that our team brings to the table is invaluable. Our passion for helping clients grow is evident every day and I love to be part of the process. The ever-changing work environment and our need to keep our finger on the pulse is exciting. Promoting intentional communication and conscious leadership is our key to making an impact at the intersection of business needs + human needs.

What is your favorite pastime?

My favorite past time is cooking for my family, learning new recipes, trying new foods, and going to fun restaurants. I love to be outdoors and active, especially on the lake.

What’s your most used app?

Recently, we got Masterclass. That is my new, most favorite, and used app lately. Masterclass offers a wide variety of courses containing valuable information from experts. There is so much knowledge shared from incredibly smart people, and it is fascinating, educating, and entertaining to watch or listen to.