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The Keystone Team

Sarah Wiese
Strategic Digital Marketing Manager

As the Strategic Digital Marketing Manager for Keystone Group, Sarah’s focus is on delivering impactful opportunities for engagement with all that Keystone has to offer in an authentic way. 

Sarah has spent over 10 years exploring the digital marketing space. She’s counted herself fortunate to be a part of a respected publisher, an innovative marketing agency, and established Minneapolis brands. In each role she has had the support of empathetic leaders who practice conscious leadership. It has been key in developing Sarah’s passion for a culture that seeks growth and continuous development. She believes strongly that the best marketing strategy for an organization starts with a well-defined mission and values.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota and spending time in the non-profit world, Sarah began her professional career at the height of the Great Succession. An invite to manage a friend’s small business proved to be the ideal launchpad into an exciting career. She learned how innovation, combined with teamwork and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude could create momentum and growth even when things go scrappy. She’s applied those same learnings in every team she’s been a part of.

Sarah’s expertise is aligning an organization’s marketing strategy with the most effective channel and tactic strategy for execution across digital media. If the creative collaboration of building out a dynamic strategy is what gives Sarah renewed energy, then it’s hands-on-the-keyboard tactical implementation that hones her focus.

1. What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?

The commitment to delivering excellent, individualized strategies for organizations that not only meet business needs, but human needs as well, is an absolute strength. The focus on conscious leadership, healthy culture, and intentional communication based on the unique needs and structure of each client ensures that impact can be made and felt.

2. What is your favorite past time?

An absolute ideal day would be started with a great book and an endless supply of coffee. Follow that up with a run or barre class and cap off the day with dinner out at a place with good food and better drinks with family and close friends. 

3. What’s your most used app?

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much time I’ve spent on Instagram. I shop, get my news, watch funny animal videos, the list goes on.