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The Keystone Team


As the President of Keystone Group International (KGI), Dena is responsible for supporting the organization’s growth to ensure strong delivery of the company’s guiding principles: leadership development, culture, organizational strategy and growth.

Prior to working at KGI, Dena spent 25 years in large corporate environments, furthering her passion for leadership development. This passion stems from her exposure to strong leadership as a young girl growing up in a small town in Wisconsin. As the only daughter of a dairy farmer, Dena learned firsthand how to be scrappy and get the most out of every resource and opportunity.

After graduating high school, Dena was offered an entry-level position at 3M, where she was exposed to the concept of Servant Leadership and experienced the positive results that come when leaders genuinely care for their teams. It was at 3M, and under the leadership of Desi DeSominoe, that this mentor taught her a key principle that guides her leadership today: have
your teams walk beside you, not behind you.

Dena spent several years at 3M before transitioning to Ecolab, where she excelled at building businesses and teams, while traveling around the world. As a young marketer, Dena learned the impact culture can have on achieving business goals – and that regardless of culture and background, everyone wants to be led by someone who cares deeply about both individuals and teams. 

Dena’s areas of professional expertise include digging into the details of the business to develop sustainable growth strategies, while building confidence in individuals and creating teams that win. It’s this balanced focus on both the business and people that has enabled Dena’s teams to achieve more than they thought was possible, while driving significant change.

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?
The focus on their key principles of leadership development, culture, organizational strategy and growth. In today’s business environment, the opportunity to help establish strong leaders across organizations, anchored in a defined culture, will lead to strong business results and more importantly, engaged, and energized teams.

What is your favorite past time?
I love hiking and snowshoeing and I’m a bit of a Pelton nut. I also enjoy traveling, immersing in new cultures, and trying different restaurant styles. In my downtime, reading is my best way to relax and recharge.

What is your favorite App?
This is sort of nerdy, but I love my library app, Libby. I am an avid reader and started running out storage space for all the books I was collecting. This app allows me to have multiple books going as once, and, if I fall deeply in love with a specific book, I can always buy it.