The Power of Conscious Culture: Exploring the Critical Intersection Between Culture and Your Strategy

Many have heard the powerful quote from Peter Drucker
“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.”

Does that really mean that strategy is less important?  For many business leaders, Strategy is something that they know they need to be focused on, it’s a function of the business.  But for most, they look at Culture as secondary and separate from the Strategy they are building.  We believe that an effective Strategy is a function of a strong Cultural foundation in your business.  With the changing demands of the workforce and workplace dynamics, your culture and being able to connect employees to your organization at a deeper level is becoming increasingly important.

In this workshop we discuss the intersection of Strategy and Culture and help participants look at their strategic efforts and how they are helping to drive the foundational elements of Culture. Creating and maintaining a strong culture in your business is becoming a primary factor in your success and ultimately your results as an organization. Culture does not happen without a conscious approach or without a conscious effort to create a true competitive advantage.

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