Keystone’s leadership workshops are focused on driving
long-lasting change and impact on your organization.

Our workshops have been built from our experience based on the topics that we see most organizations and leaders struggle with.  Each workshop can be customized with scenarios and role play exercises to help your team gain immediate impact that they can use to help your business perform at a higher level.  Our sessions are engaging and interactive and participants spend time working in groups to build trust amongst the team while also learning new concepts.  We believe that this group work ensures that the concepts will be taken back into the organization with greater effectiveness and impact.

Training workshops are available in 1-4 hour increments and can be customized
to the specific challenges you are experiencing in your business.

Keystone has Facilitated Training Workshops at:

Training Workshop Topics Include:

The Power of Conscious Culture:
Exploring the Critical Intersection Between Culture and Your Strategy

In this workshop we discuss the intersection of Strategy and Culture and help participants look at their strategic efforts and how they are helping to drive the foundational elements of Culture. Creating and maintaining a strong culture in your business is becoming a primary factor in your success and ultimately your results as an organization. Culture does not happen without a conscious approach or without a conscious effort to create a true competitive advantage.

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Beyond the Change…
Creating a Change Resilient Organization

In this workshop, we talk about the fundamentals of change and how leaders can create an environment where change is not feared but seen as something that creates an opportunity for growth. The participants will learn some simple tools to improve their communication and trust with their teams before, during and after a change.

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Beyond the Paycheck…
Winning the Talent War

In this workshop, we talk about the following topics:

  • How to retain your top talent that you have today and drive higher performance in a tight labor market.
  • Key aspects of your business that might be driving lower engagement and retention – things you don’t even realize.
  • Creating a talent retention and recruitment roadmap that is aligned to your growth strategy.
  • The Talent war – what does the top talent in your industry actually want?  Creative (and inexpensive) ways to increase retention, engagement, and performance in your workforce.
  • The myth – you don’t need everyone to be on the “A” team, how to drive higher performance in even your middle of the road employees – and the impact it can have on your bottom line.
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The Communication Code

In this keynote/workshop we will discuss the science behind personalities and communication styles and how we can adjust our approach to get the most out of every interaction, whether it’s in our families, our businesses, or our communities.

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Leading Across Generations

In this workshop we discuss the differences to help participants understand why the differences exist and also find common ground between the generations. We focus on the strengths of each generation and how to communication to achieve greatest performance and impact from each.

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Leaders as Coaches

In this workshop we engage participants in a conversation around what it means to be a leader and how crucial coaching is in that relationship with your team. Coaching is the key to driving the highest performance from employees and ultimately the highest results for the organization. We focus on helping each participant understand their leadership strengths and how to use those to be the best coach they can be for their team.

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Maximizing Your Leadership Superpowers

In this keynote/workshop we help leaders identify their SuperPowers and then give them foundational leadership guidelines to help them identify their authentic leadership style. We work to assess their gaps and identify key actions they can take back to the office the next day to make change happen!

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