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The Right Framework for the Future of Business

Is your business running on an operating framework or an impact framework?  Likely your response is – I don’t know – which is totally normal.  What we see in today’s environment is a lot of organizations are running on various operating frameworks, which are very beneficial.  They provide a common set of tools, language and cadence in the business to help you hold yourselves accountable and gain momentum and progress towards your goals.  These operating frameworks are a great start to getting your team aligned and accountable to a new level of rigor and structure. 

But what happens when the business environment is getting more complicated on a daily basis?  Leaders are dealing with an expanded risk environment for their business – supply chain, culture, leadership, employee retention, employment brand – just to name a few.  Often the operating framework that has gotten us to this point cannot solve for the bigger, more complex risks.  The good news is there’s no need to abandon your foundational operating framework, you just need to adopt an impact framework that compliments and extends what you have already built.   

An impact framework is one that takes a holistic view of your business – balancing the business needs and the human needs to ensure maximum impact.  It can truly be the difference between surviving and thriving in this new and ever changing business landscape.   

Very few frameworks take a holistic view or can help businesses navigate the complexities of the internal and external environments.  This is why Keystone created the Keystone Impact Model™to do just that.  It’s a framework that incorporates operational, leadership, strategy and culture aspects to help you assess where your biggest gaps and opportunities are as an organization.   

Who wouldn’t want to know the “roots” of their issues in a simple way that allows them to build the solution to overcome the issue once and for all.  Here are a five tips to help you identify if you are ready to move to an impact framework for your business. 

  1. Your team has a great rhythm of execution, but you continue to have collaboration and trust issues between departments and divisions. 
  2. Your leadership team is aligned on the strategy, but you find it difficult to get the entire organization aligned and rowing in the same direction. 
  3. You have improved in communication and feel like you have the right communication channels, but your team still feels disconnected. 
  4. You’ve gotten better at hiring and engaging your team but you still don’t feel like you are maximizing the strengths of your people. 
  5. There are additional things you know you should be doing as a company but don’t know how- culture work, inclusion and belonging initiatives, mentorship, etc.   

Only you can decide if you are ready to expand the framework that will help you grow and scale your business with less pain.  Reach out to the team at Keystone Group International to talk about the Keystone Impact Model™ and how it can help your team continue to evolve and navigate the ever-evolving world of business. 

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