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The Definition of Sales

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When I speak to large rooms of people, I always ask the question; How many of you are in sales? The response is always the same, some people raise their hands high, some hesitate and give a small hand raise and some sit there with their hands in their lap.

That question is a trick question. Every single person in that room is in sales. It doesn’t matter what their title, responsibilities or even job status is. You are in sales.

You sell your product or service, you sell yourself and your skills, you sell ideas to your peers, boss, spouse, kids and friends. You are in Sales! Sales is simply the ability to communicate, negotiate and influence others. We do it all day every day. We just don’t always call it sales.

And that’s what I want to discuss. I believe the Sales Industry and typical sales training techniques have taught us to not like the word “sales”. Most of us would not walk up to someone and introduce ourselves as a Salesperson. Instead we say, I’m in Business Development, I’m a Financial Advisor, or I’m a CEO/Business Owner. We make up other titles that sound much more approachable than Salesperson.

You know why? Because the sales industry and typical sales training techniques have taught us that sales feels yucky. Traditional sales can feel like you are following a 10-step process to close the deal and pushing your product or service on to someone. How many of you have ever felt “sold to”? We all have. It feels gross and you likely are turned off by it immediately. Even if you need the product or service they are selling, you will likely make the decision to go elsewhere to get it.

What I want to discuss with you today is how we can take the “salesy” feeling out of sales and make it something you enjoy, something your prospects, clients, customers enjoy and something that can have a lifechanging impact on your income and your life.

The concept is a personality driven sales technique that allows you to create a more significant connection with your prospects.  We believe that focusing on the foundational elements of sales and communication and shifting your focus from “what” your customer buys to “why” they buy is the key differentiator in this new era of business.  By aligning your sales approach to the values of your prospect or client, you are able to create a more successful and deeper relationship with them and not only increase your success in closing the deal, but increase your ability to retain them as a client and referral source.

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