The Keystone Team

Rana DeBoer, Chief Impact Officer
Chief Impact Officer

As the Chief Impact Officer, Rana is committed to ensuring Keystone Group International continues a strong and meaningful impact for the clients and communities they serve.

Before joining Keystone, Rana was Chief Culture Officer for the City of Sioux Falls where she served for nearly 15 years. Rana helped define, embed, and manage the workplace culture for nearly 1300 employees across 12 different departments. She was responsible for creating a workplace experience that authentically reflected the vision and values of the organization while growing leaders at all levels for extraordinary employee performance and community outcomes. Through a systems approach, she designed a culture strategy that integrated corporate communications, talent development, performance management, employee engagement, and healthful physical environments.

In 2017, Rana launched her own side-business providing solutions to her clients in the areas of people, culture, leadership, and strategic guidance in health, safety, and well-being programming, while also taking the stage for speaking engagements. Her prior years of experience in coaching college athletics, managing a hospital-based corporate health department, and enterprise-wide administration give her a rich history in business and performance.

Using her superpower of energy, Rana quickly inspires people into action. She is sought for her engaging and fun approach and her ability to listen thoroughly. Rana is known for aligning the passions of people with purpose-driven strategy to enhance performance and advance outcomes. Her dedication to systems thinking, continuous improvement, and social impact will help Keystone Group continue positive change and impact for all our clients.

Rana’s areas of expertise include Culture Strategy, Employee Experience, Talent Optimization, Leadership and Organizational Development, Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation, Health, Safety and Well-Being, Corporate Communications, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Rana is board member of the South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity Advisory Board, South Dakota Safety Council and Pathways to Inclusive and Equitable Workplaces. Rana also serves on the Live Well Sioux Falls Coalition and continues to mentor and instruct with the EMBE Women’s Leadership Program.

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?
I joined the Keystone Group because we authentically care and truly partner with our clients to create positive change and impact…just as our values clearly state. I also believe our approach in the synergy of strategy, culture and people is flawless. Results are limitless with this amazing recipe!

What is the coolest thing you are working on right now?
I have a colleague in the work comp industry that is simply brilliant. We have been talking about doing a project together for years, and we’re finally doing it. We’re mapping out a training to show leaders a process with tools to improve employee engagement and recovery time of injured workers. This would reduce stress and improve morale, while also decreasing healthcare costs. Win-win!

Is there a motivational speaker or management guru that inspires you?
I have learned from so many amazing experts and thought leaders over the years. I appreciate all the knowledge and wisdom they share because learning is the only way forward. I am consistently inspired by Dr. Jim Loehr. I fell in love with his science and philosophy: the single most important factor in successful achievement, personal fulfillment and life satisfaction is the strength of one’s character. He brought my world of athletics full circle to the business community, and because of that I help “corporate athletes” get on the starting line and run great races, with repeat performances. Best job ever!