The Keystone Team

Mike Bamonti

As a consultant with Keystone Group International, Mike brings in his experience in strategy and execution to help businesses maintain sustained growth.

Mike helps food, beverage and CPG companies take products from concept to commercialization. Mike guides company leaders to shape and drive strategic alignment and practical execution. Mike also helps emerging companies navigate headwinds and develop strategies for growth. Mike leverages his SuperPower ability to build long term and sustainable relationships to help his business and clients. He has 25-year-old relationships, insights and deep networks to simplify seemingly complicated problems and execute flawlessly. Mike started in a family run business—an Italian restaurant in an increasingly tough neighborhood in Chicago. Before he was 21, he knew how to market, listen and understand customer needs, manage vendors, forecasts revenues, run operations, and meet a payroll. Mike later worked for a beer distributor. Mike sold Miller Beer in St Louis—home to Anheuser Bush and Budweiser. For him, it was like wearing a Red Sox hat at Yankee’s stadium.

This experience taught Mike a ton about competing in hyper-competitive environments. Eventually, Mike was running regional sales, and then national sales. His latest role as Chief Revenue Officer for Summit Brewery—one of the pioneers of the national micro-brew phenomenon. Where Mike drove strategy and execution and helped them build a national presence, record growth, and navigate through what eventually became a hypercompetitive market place. Now, Mike is doing that same thing for clients who want to scale new product lines and reach broader distribution. Mike also helps clients reset and drive momentum for existing product lines that, for one reason or another, have stalled or hit a hiccup. Mike’s purpose is to share what he’s learned with future leaders which is why his company is called KEG Consulting which stands for Knowledge Exchange Group

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
A large acquisition and divestiture of assets between two organizations

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to?
My paternal grandfather’s hometown of Monteprondone, Italy