The Keystone Team

Mary Rapaport

As a Consultant with Keystone Group International, Mary brings her training and coaching experience to the team. Through creating a curriculum, delivering training and coaching has allowed her to have worked with many industries and businesses.

Mary is a sales process consultant and a sales and marketing trainer and coach. She has partnered with Sales Teams to establish critical Selling Strategies, Sales Enablement Programs, and Strategic Account Planning Processes. Her experience enables her to build powerful cross-functional partnerships, strengthening processes and developing talent across the revenue-generation team. With over 20 years in B2B marketing leadership roles, Mary has specialized in transforming sales and marketing functions for global companies in manufacturing, heavy industrial, highly-engineered and technology industries. Mary has transformed tactical sales and marketing teams, driving new capabilities, processes, technologies, and talent to specifically align with the needs of the business. The result is a strategic marketing function that drives growth.

Mary’s areas of expertise are in training strategy, instruction and facilitation, building training programs, marketing, sales strategy, sales process, and sales training. The purpose of her work is rooted in her love for helping others achieve their own career goals and loves to get a kick out of being able to blend the human connection. Making a personal difference in someone’s life and a business objective – helping to teach skills that drive the business and generate revenue. It’s a win/win/win! A SuperPower that has contributed to my success would have to be ENERGY, being able to generate it, tap into it, and move it around. Her business is focused on ensuring that people are achieving their goals. Mary’s energy makes it possible for her to connect with them and to inspire them to learn and see a different point of view.

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?
Passion and commitment. Keystone believes in its ability to help small businesses grow and thrive. They are serious about helping develop leaders and helping build company culture. They put the customer first and build their offerings around the needs they see and

What’s your favorite past time?
I’m a craft beer aficionado and (dare I say it) a beer snob/geek. I know a LOT about beer – craft beer and was brewing my own 25 years ago – before it was cool. My husband and I “collect” craft breweries – name one and I’ve probably been there and can tell you something about their beers. I’ve been delighted in the explosion in the craft brewing market – I would love to work in that industry someday and have considered studying for the Cicerone exam.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
I’m currently developing a sales training program for a team of people who don’t believe they are salespeople. The program will “secretly” teach them key principles in effective selling so that they can easily, naturally and confidently persuade their customers to commit. The participants will learn how to use a consultative approach to natural persuasion – all without even using the “s” word (selling!)