The Keystone Team

Jen Lindahl, Chief Growth Officer
Chief Growth Officer

As Chief Growth Officer, Jen Lindahl will drive business growth at Keystone by streamlining priorities, improving operational effectiveness, and ensuring alignment internally across sales, marketing, and operations.

Prior to joining Keystone Group International, Jen held roles across Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and Operations.  Her career started in the golf industry, which is a sport she grew up playing, and still loves. She worked at Callaway Golf in California and the PGA Tour in Florida before she found her way back home to the Midwest.  Since coming home she has worked in industries including staffing/professional services, construction, interior & exterior signage, and technology consulting. Her range of experience includes restructuring of internal teams, managing recruiting and hiring, establishing and implementing onboarding programs, developing marketing strategies, defining, documenting & implementing internal processes, and business development.

Jen’s purpose to feel connected to something bigger than herself, and to leave a positive impact in everything she does has allowed her to contribute to rapid growth at multiple companies. She has a continuous improvement mindset, and a natural ability to help drive transformational change in every role she has been in.

Her superpower of Connection has made her story possible. Truly being able to connect with herself and who she is (which has taken some time), understanding her why, and being able to show up as an authentic & powerful version of herself has given her a natural ability to build strong personal connections with others very quickly. She always has a connector hat on and that can look a lot of different ways – making human connection, making connections between others, connecting the dots with operational business processes, helping leaders better connect with their employees, working cross-functionally to help teams become more aligned and connected.

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?
The team – Jaime has built a team that truly aligns with and lives by our core values. We are not afraid to have the hard conversations with our clients, allowing us to dig deep, uncover what’s truly holding them back, and put together plans to help get them where they are going. Keystone also has a strong network of partners, so we are able to help our clients in areas of their business outside our expertise as well, we truly become an invaluable partner to our clients.

What is the coolest thing you are working on right now?
Creating an organization called WIRED – Women Impacting Revenue who are Empowered & Driven. I have created an environment that fosters open & transparent conversations and allows women at all levels of their career to connect and help each other level up. It aligns so well with my Connection SuperPower and truly fills up my cup.

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to?
Italy and Greece – Took a girl’s trip to Rome, the Amalfi Coast, and Santorini, absolutely beautiful and such an incredible part of the world.