The Keystone Team

Erik Mortensen

As a Consultant with Keystone Group International, Erik brings his experience starting, owning and operating small businesses throughout his career. He is now passionate about coaching and helping to develop leaders and business owners through the ups and downs in their organizations.

Erik is a small business owner and consultant. Before starting his businesses, Erik spent 13 years in corporate America performing strategic account management, business development, and process engineering. Erik’s areas of expertise are in Sales, Marketing, CRM/Technology Selection, Business Planning, Process Mapping/Improvement, Team Building, and Change Management. Erik has been recognized with various industry accolades for building and leading successful sales and operations teams.

Erik has great satisfaction from diving into complex situations, understanding what’s working, what isn’t, what the human elements that are there and he builds from there. Relentlessness and grit are important SuperPowers of Erik, that have helped him stay laser-focused on his targets. Erik loves to build and problem solve. He leads through continuous improvement, initiatives, and witnessing people and companies realize a new and improved state is what gives Erik the purpose of his work.

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?
Keystone gets people. At the heart of any organization is the people affected and employed by the organization and Keystone understands this and incorporates this into their approach.

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to?
Cinque Terre, Italy remains the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. It consists of 5 villages off the Ligurian Sea. My wife and I hiked between the villages amongst the vineyards and stayed at hostels in each village shortly after the Torino Winter Olympics.

What’s your most used app?
Zoho CRM. It’s what I use to organize my contacts and opportunities. So much opportunity can slip through your fingers so staying organized and having reminders on what’s needed and when it’s needed is critical.