The Keystone Team

Barb Bertsch

Barb brings her experience to help companies gain focus and vision around their Workplace Culture.

Barb Bertsch helps small to midsize companies grow their business and connect-the-dots between their vision and a focused marketing strategy that supports their specific situation and goals. Defining the most effective marketing strategy is critical in creating a solid path to success, allowing you to more effectively market businesses to the right channels, with the right communication, with the right methods and at the right time to maximize objectives.

Barb’s areas of expertise are in Marketing Strategy and Planning, Marketing Project Management, and Workplace Culture. Barb has a strong background in building marketing from the ground up in a holistic fashion. She has experience in managing consumer product portfolios, product development, employee engagement, and what she likes to call “branding from the inside-out.” Barb helps to start defining where the organization is strong and where there are gaps. She is highly collaborative in this process, working to engage a lot of individuals. Barb also really care about sales and marketing alignment. She has been told by former colleagues, clients, and supervisors that she is thoughtful in her approach, strategic, detail-oriented and that she has a strong work ethic. Barb leverages her networking SuperPower to help connect with others.

In addition to marketing-related work, Barb is relentless in her pursuit of helping companies define, refine and reinvent their company culture. Culture has everything to do with who you are and how this affects your brand in the marketplace. The purpose behind Barb’s work is to help companies in their growth journey.

What do you believe is a strength of Keystone as an organization?
Their ability to contribute their expertise into and organization in a way that produces results and drives accountability but feels natural and is sustainable. Keystone “teaches” organizations and comes alongside them rather than talking at them, telling them what to do and not spending time building longstanding relationships.

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
Building a partnership with one of the best business coaches in the business, Jaime Taets! We are working on some very cool stuff around workplace culture and I can’t wait to be a part of helping clients work on this part of their business!

Is there a motivational speaker or management guru that inspires you?
Mel Robbins! She’s a straight shooter, she is caring and compassionate, and provides skills that are easy to pick up and use right away. And you see results immediately! She’s definitely my go-to. Check out the 5 Second Rule…you can 5-4-3-2-1 your way into and out of anything you want!