Successful leadership

Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

A Minneapolis-area executive’s top lessons in becoming a better leader

Mike Bauer has come to appreciate strategy, people and culture more as he has developed in his role as a leader. He also has learned to trust his team and turn to the right advisors when he needs help.

Simultaneously, Bauer Design Build has grown as an organization by implementing a comprehensive business framework and strategy with support from expert consultants.

“We’ve learned what it means to better communicate as a team and how great communication and accountability builds the trust that is important for moving forward and working together,” said Bauer, president and founder of Bauer Design Build. “We have total alignment throughout our whole organization and as a result, my vision for the company’s future is much clearer.”

As the company’s owner, Bauer particularly appreciates how its leadership team, including himself, has developed through the coaching and personal growth initiatives that have occurred over the past four years through a strategic planning process guided by consultants from Keystone Group International.

Three key takeaways for successful leadership, according to Bauer, include trusting his team and advisors, building useful frameworks, and leading for tomorrow.

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