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Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal:

3 ways a trusted strategy advisor can help your business grow

Like many business leaders, SafeNet Consulting’s President Kelli Schnieder wears many hats in her company – but not as many as she once did.

A skilled consultant with a strong background in consulting and delivery, Schnieder once was as concerned with marketing SafeNet’s technology solutions and serving clients directly as she was with building the company. But in working closely with a strategic advisor Schneider has found that although she could do something, it did not mean she should.

“You’re running in a thousand directions thinking you’re making progress for the business — but in fact, you may be holding it back,” Schnieder said. “The bottleneck may be yourself, and you may not be able to see it.”

With help from Jaime Taets, CEO and founder of Keystone Group International, Schnieder has learned to let others do what they do best so she can focus on those responsibilities that only she could do for the company – work on the strategy and plans that help SafeNet grow. “Jaime has helped me see and relieve some of the duties that were holding us back,” Schnieder said.

As a trusted strategy advisor, Taets has helped SafeNet grow in three key ways.

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