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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard the term “Great Resignation” almost every day, whether in the news, your online news feeds or from people in your network. And you might be wondering, “Why would people who have seemingly good jobs, with steady paychecks and stability, leave?”

The answer is not one-dimensional. It has a lot of components, many of which are unique to each person who makes the decision. But there are some common themes I am seeing from workers who chose to leave their jobs in search of something that makes them happier.

Let’s talk about the “real” reasons people are leaving. It’s not because they didn’t get a raise, they aren’t qualified for the job or don’t want to work hard enough, despite these being reasons you might have heard from businesses trying to justify why their talented resources are choosing to leave. Below are some of the real reasons I’ve observed workers are leaving.