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Love in the Workplace

Love is a word that we don’t often use in the workplace, yet some of the best cultures and best leaders use love and care for their employees as a foundation to their entire business. Michael McFall, Co-CEO and owner of Biggby Coffee joins us to discuss how he has spent 25 years creating a culture of love, respect and learning in his organization and how it’s paid off.
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BIGGBY COFFEE exists to support you in building a life you love and the Life You Love Laboratory Workshops have been developed to help you do exactly that! We believe that if you want to build a life you love, you need to first have four foundational areas of life solidly in place: you need to be able to exceed your basic needs, to have a sense of personal vitality, to have a sense of belonging in life, and to know who you want to be in life. These 6-to-8-week Life You Love Laboratory Workshops are designed to help people explore their own lives in these four areas and make positive change.

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