It’s About Who You Are

So, who are you? Aside from the title and position that you hold, how are you describing yourself?

Understanding who you are, beyond just the title you hold, is extremely important as it helps you build confidence and stronger relationships with those around you – there’s no faking it – you know who you are and you know how to present yourself, the strengths you hold, and your talents.

Being aware of who you are helps bring fulfillment in your life and also in your job. Recognizing whether your strengths and talents are being used to their full potential can make you realize if you truly are doing the work you want to be doing.

If you feel stuck and unsure on how to define who you really are beyond your title, here are a few tips:

Give yourself quiet space

Start simple, maybe its 5 minutes a couple days a week, and increase from there. Whether its in your car or in a quiet room. Give yourself a “pause” from the busy day to day activities that you go through. Allowing your self to reprogram can help bring you clarity on a situation that you’ve been stuck on.


Start writing or even recording your thoughts. Documenting how you are feeling will allow you to go back and reflect on your thoughts later. When we are stuck it can be difficult to think of solutions or alternatives. Allowing yourself to go back and reflect can help you think of ideas you might’ve missed in that moment.

Ask your circle

How are the people in your life describing you? Asking the people you surround yourself with can bring you clarity on how others perceive you. This will help you think about yourself and your strengths in a different way as you better understand what strengths people see in you.

Get uncomfortable

Start networking with people who are doing something different than you. Talking to people who are doing something different provides you the opportunity to think differently. Start connecting people without relating to a title. What talents and strengths do you have in common?  Get curious about what they do and why they do it.

Listen to our podcast episode It’s About Who You Are, Not What You Do to hear more tips.

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