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Being Ready is a Decision, not a Feeling

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Being Ready is a Decision, not a Feeling

Throughout our lives there are moments when we feel like things are happening fast and we aren’t ready for what’s coming next.  That feeling is normal and it’s just a feeling.  The hardest things you have done up until this point in your life have been things you were not ready to conquer, achieve and overcome.  As humans, we avoid fear and pain, yet those things are both parts of our life’s journey, including our journeys to success and fulfilling our purpose. 

I often remind myself that the obstacles in my path are not IN my way, they ARE the way.  I need the obstacles to prepare me for what I need to do next.  A perfectly paved path is not a path that prepares you to dream bigger, to accomplish things you never could have dreamt of or creates a path that changes your life or the world.   

So when you are in fear, when you aren’t sure what to do next, which path to take, which left turn to make, remember these 3 tips to help you get through. 

1. Double Down on You 

You are the one who wants your life to be better, different, or filled with more impact.  So, the best thing you can do is to bet on yourself.  When the chips fall, you need to bet on yourself that you will figure it out.  Betting on or hoping that other people will do something, change something, or create something for you doesn’t work.  You must do the work and curate the confidence in yourself. 

2. Create a Dent 

Make an impact on someone or something.  When you are in fear, when things are changing and you are fearful of what that change might be, do something that has an impact on someone or something else in your life.  Create a small dent.  It could be reaching out to help someone further behind on the path to success, it can be writing an email or a blog that will have an impact on someone else.  It can be volunteering your time to mentor or further a cause you are passionate about.  When you fear the next step, focus on helping someone or something else move a step forward. 

3. Being Ready for Change is a Decision 

When a new opportunity or a failure happens, realize that you do not need to wait until you FEEL ready to be ready.  Being ready is a decision you make, not a feeling that you will feel someday.  We will never be fully ready for life’s biggest changes – moving on from a relationship, getting married or divorced, having children, changing jobs, or choosing a different path than you are on today.  The clouds are not going to magically part one day and you will not hear angels singing to signify that it’s time to change.  Instead, you will decide that where you are going, even if it involves change is better than where you have been and, in that moment, you will begin the process of changing.  When you mentally make the decision that you are ready for whatever’s next, change can happen.   

Realize that the most successful people you know, the people you look up to, the ones you aspire to be, did not wake up one day ready to take on the next big challenge.  They woke up one day and decided that the stronger version of themselves needed them to decide to move forward…. today.  Not wait for some sign or perfect timing.  So, if you are in the midst of change and are fearful of whether you are ready, know that no decision is a decision.  Choosing to stay where you are is a decision.  Instead, choose fear, choose action and choose to be ready…NOW. 

Are you ready to start driving results with a realistic and actionable plan that unleashes your full potential?
It all starts with a single, intentional conversation. 

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