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Improving Work Culture to Get Closer to Employees

Impacting your company’s culture can be hard to grasp and may feel ambiguous. You may question how can I change how employees feel about working here. How do you measure their feelings?

Our organization had those thoughts when I started the business in 2018. At the time, we tried to capture employee satisfaction with a weekly pulse survey through a software application. But this brought many issues. One is, only about 15% of employees had even logged into the application. We did not have a process that prioritized employee involvement, and weekly emailed surveys were not something our manufacturing staff was utilizing. Nor did we communicate the importance of participating. We would receive some feedback, and it would go nowhere. We had no plan or structure to work towards improvement after receiving responses. Next to not asking for employee feedback in the first place, we were doing the next worst thing for our culture, receiving feedback and doing nothing about it.

We had a culture that we didn’t truly understand, and we were rapidly growing as a business. Throughout this time, we implemented the EOS business model into our organization and partnered with Keystone Group International to assist with our implementation.

After discussing our wish to measure and intentionally impact our Culture, Keystone presented us with their Impact Assessment Process. 



Keystone Impact Assessment
Keystone Group International Impact Assessment Process

This process would help us measure our culture and get actionable takeaways, that we could communicate with our employees. We started this process with Keystone at the beginning of 2021.

We are currently implementing our third assessment through Keystone’s process. We saw great results year after year. We improved in seven culture areas based on our assessment and measurement from our first year to your second year. All that impact, while only having three focus topics that year. Meaning much of the improvement came just from telling our employees our intentions to positively impact the culture.

Implementing a culture strategy has had huge impacts on our Company. Using this process allowed us to communicate clearly with our employees what areas they feel we excel in or what needs improvement, areas we are going to target for the year, and how we are going to do it.

This intentional work on our Culture has been very impactful for our employees. We are told by our employees they see the impact this process has had and really appreciate the investment of time it was for the organization. Communicating our work on Culture has helped us continue to excite and build trust with our employees, along with our vision and core values.

We have learned that culture can be measured, and you can intentionally impact it positively.

This process has strengthened and grown the relationship with our employees.

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Breanna Stack Lakeview Industries

Breanna Stack

Human Resource Manager of Lakeview Industries

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