Growth through Character Leadership

In these times of change, it is important to identify how you as an employee can add value to your organization. Everyone is dealing with unknowns, but what if you could be the positive influence and impact for your team members and peers?

During difficult and uncertain times, leadership becomes even more important, so you should continue to think about your own leadership and how you could be part of the positive impact in your organization. Employees need strong and thoughtful leaders especially when they are an environment that is uncertain or difficult to understand. Being a strong leader can help the team develop new and creative solutions.

Character Leadership allows for you as an employee to show your values and what you believe to help add value to the team during any difficult time. Always reverting back to your basic foundational characteristics – individuals and team members will want to support and follow you because you are authentic and consistent, being exactly who you are day in and day out. By doing this, you are gaining influence without realizing it is happening.

Figuring out how to lead through Character Leadership can be hard, consider doing the steps below to reflect on how you can start being a more authentic leader.

  1. Document a list of characteristics that represent you and/or your personal core values
  2. Narrow your list down to the top 5 that you feel represents you and your true character
  3. Write down your company’s core values, and really look at how your personal characteristics can work to support your company’s values – find the alignment and focus your energy there.

Lean on your company and personal values on a daily basis to help you make decisions and get through difficult times.  think about how you can utilize your leadership skills and your core values to lead others. You don’t have to have the leadership title to make an impact on the business and achieve growth and success yourself.

What are your leadership characteristics and how will you utilize them in your day to day life to create impact?