Leadership in Times of War

Leadership in Times of War It is a fact that we are all feeling the effects of the war on this pandemic – personally in our families and the upheaval in our “normal” schedule and life and as leaders who are leading our organizations through the uncertainty.  Each of us has unique leadership strengths that we can lean on during these times – it is crucial to lead authentically in our strengths, but there are also some key leadership actions that you need to focus on no matter what kind of leader you are. 1. Understanding the Basic Human Needs [...]

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Do You Really Understand Who Your Customer Is? 

Do You Really Understand Who Your Customer Is? Whenever I start a new client engagement, my initial questions always begin with the customer.  Many clients will immediately refer me to their website, where the logos of the companies they work with are proudly presented for all to see. Although displays like this go a long way to establish credibility in the marketplace, they don’t answer the questions I’m asking.  Because the reality is: customers aren’t companies.  They aren’t even job titles.  No, your customers are: Steve in Purchasing: the uptight guy who’s obsessed with looking for the cheapest rates, but [...]

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Self-Care During Difficult Times

Self-Care During Difficult Times Many of us have been thrown into this new “norm” of working from. For a lot of us, this a completely new situation and we are not sure what to do. It can be challenging as you spend all day at home without a real break. Your work life and personal life are now merged, and it can make you feel lost. This situation can be a mental struggle- when am I supposed to be my kids’ teacher, call clients back and bring productive for work, along with that loads of laundry that needs to be [...]

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Coaching as a Leader: Building Team Health (Part 3)

PART THREE: Building with Trust In my previous blogs in this series I’ve talked about ways to continually grow and bridge the gap between being a leader who is a driver and needs to get things done, while simultaneously making sure the folks who might report to you or work on our teams feel supported, safe and accomplished. When we are intentional as leaders we’re able to be present, when we collaborate we are seen and are seeing important growth within people, which all paves the way to building trust. Safety in Confidentiality – If you work for a large [...]

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Meeting Our 6 Basic Human Needs During This Time of Uncertainty

Meeting Our 6 Basic Human Needs During these times of instability and even chaos, each of us reacts to what is happening around us in a slightly different way. For some of us we might be experiencing different reactions from our employees, from our leaders, from our families and other people in our circles. And for some of us we might be wondering why different people take such a different response to what is happening. So, I wanted to share some information that we use in our leadership trainings to help leaders’ coach and guide their teams through any kind [...]

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Understanding Your Business Faith

Understanding Your Business Faith This is John Gamades from OrangeBall. When Jaime asked me to guest blog on the topic of faith, I had no idea what today’s environment would look or feel like. It was months ago, and we were wrapping up our annual EOS planning session, setting some lofty goals that would really push us. At that moment, faith looked very different. Today, based on where we’re at, it feels much more real. A little background to set the stage. I’m a Christian guy who goes to church on Sundays and leads a men’s Bible study on Wednesday [...]

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Coaching as a Leader: Building Team Health (Part 2)

PART TWO: Building with Collaboration In my last blog I talked about how building a great foundation for healthy teams starts with intention from leaders. To be successful with our teams we need honesty, and to be truly honest people need to feel safe. This incredible gray area between micromanagement and ghost bosses is an opportunity for us as leaders to be present, to inspire and be a part of the conversation. We’re invested in the work we do and the customers we work for, so why wouldn’t we be invested in the people who work with us? Great intention [...]

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The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining  I know it’s hard for many of us to think about given the fact that we are in the middle of the crisis, but I believe there truly is a silver lining that we can focus on instead of the stress and anxiety. As an organization that focuses on workforce engagement and culture, I believe that now is the time leaders should be doubling down on their people. Now is the time that we can show compassion, empathy, and support knowing that each of us is handling the ever-changing situation differently. We are being forced to re-evaluate [...]

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Coaching as a Leader: Building Team Health (PART 1)

PART ONE: Building with Intention We all know that leadership roles at any organization come with heaps of responsibility: there’s metrics to be analyzed, budgets to be tracked, progress to be continuously measured and questioned. It is a constant journey that never ends, but we push forward with the hope that we’ll be able to learn from past mistakes and become more successful (and efficient) as each quarter or year passes. These necessary tasks requires a lot of time and energy and, often unintentionally, the intentional focus on people can fall by the wayside. Everyone is doing their thing, and [...]

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It’s About Who You Are

It’s About Who You Are So, who are you? Aside from the title and position that you hold, how are you describing yourself? Understanding who you are, beyond just the title you hold, is extremely important as it helps you build confidence and stronger relationships with those around you – there’s no faking it – you know who you are and you know how to present yourself, the strengths you hold, and your talents. Being aware of who you are helps bring fulfillment in your life and also in your job. Recognizing whether your strengths and talents are being used [...]

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